9/32"(7.1mm) Hawaiian Flopper Shaft

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9/32" (7.1mm) Hawaiian Flopper American Square Notch RIFFE Spearshaft

RIFFE American Square Notch Spearshafts are made with spring stainless steel and heat treated to increase strength and flexibility of shaft memory. Manufactured using computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines, producing precision parts.


  • The original RIFFE-designed Shark Fin tabs (Large)
  • Smooth finish capable of holding 1 to 2 power bands per Shark Fin loading tab
  • Smaller RIFFE shafts 48" and under feature (2) Shark Fin loading tabs
  • Shafts over 48" feature (3) Shark Fin loading tabs
  • All shaft machined areas are hand finished.
  • Rest tab may be added for easier loading (Generally added to 60" and longer shafts) 12" up from loading end